Brady Lake Village clerk Honest Ethel Nemeth's grandson Joshua Moore,who was on Brady Lake Village (BLV) council ,lives here in his Grandma-Clerk's rental in BLV. This Hombre on Tequila has 6 lites,2 cameras,and 2 Posted No Trespassing Keep Out signs in his Tequila drinking,paranoid front yard.

Monday, December 31, 2012

Brady Lake Village (BLV) clerk Honest Ethel Nemeth thought it was a good idea to promote her grandson Joshua Moore for BLV council. Police reports have been filed with the BLV police department about Joshua Moore and his drunk incidents.

BLV clerk Ethel Nemeth from her BLV hall office promoted her grandson Joshua Moore for BLV council,while Ethel knew full well about Joshua's Tequila drinking Paranoid problems. This is just what's wrong with Nepotism in BLV and things at BLV hall. To view more Brady Lake Village blog sites click on the picture of the Mustang or the Red square with the White B beside Dan Boyle to the right of these comments. If you would like to see the blog site that started it all try- CAMP=Caring About More People -If you would like to comment and be anonymous click on comments below these comments.